Defining the Front Side

In addition to the bottom side you may also want to define the front side of your shape, so it keeps the same angle regardless of the changes you made.

To do so, everything you need is to add a path named ‘front’ in the Origami layer and place it to the side that you want to become the front one. Let’s do it step by step.

First of all, run both Origami and Illustrator and make sure they connected. Then run Dieline Creator and create ECMA A10.21.03.03 dieline that we’ll be using as an example:

Selecting dieline in the generator

Leave all the settings by default and open the newly created shape both in Illustrator and Origami. You should see this:

Getting the 3D model in Origami

Origami doesn’t really know where the actual front side of the shape is, so it folds it the way it finds easier and then presents the shape to you “as is”. The generated shape has its bottom part marked, so it stands on a proper side, but it turned backwards. Of course you can still turn the camera and see the front side, but sometimes it is better to keep everything under control, especially when you need to make a series of similar images with various designs.

So what we’re about to do is to add the path named ‘front’ to the front part of the ‘Origami’ layer in Illustrator. Here’s what you need:

Adding the front marker

If you do that and refresh your Origami window without moving the camera, you’ll see the box turned its front side to you:

Seeing the front-facing shape in Origami

That’s basically everything you need to know about this feature. You can move the ‘front’ path to the left side of the box and refresh the Origami preview again:

Moving the marker and checking the changes

Note that you need at least version 2.1 of Origami in order to use this feature.

Front Doesn’t Work?

If you defined front, but it doesn’t work - do the following:

If the above doesn’t help, please contact us with your Illustrator project, so we can have a look.

That’s All

You have learned how to create cuts and crease lines, apply artwork and assign the bottom and front sides. You are now ready to create or import your own dielines and see them folded.

If you don’t get the results you are hoping for, please review this list of common mistakes:

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