Running Origami

When you run Origami for the first time after you install it on your computer, you will see that Origami tries to connect to Adobe Illustrator:

Even if you have Illustrator running, Origami will most likely display this message:

Although Origami is a stand-alone application, it still needs to install a little plugin in Adobe Illustrator so Origami can talk to Illustrator and fetch artwork from it.

Click the “Click here…” link to proceed to the next step:

Origami shows a list of Adobe Illustrators it supports. It tries to guess their paths and if you installed Illustrators to the default locations, Origami will find them. Otherwise you need to specify the Plug-ins folder for each Illustrator you want to use with Origami.

If you run into issues with installation, please see here for manual installation instructions.

After you have installed Origami as an extension, start Illustrator (or restart it if it is already running). You should see that Origami connects to Illustrator:

You will see the Illustrator tab in the Origami window and a 3D preview of your scene (your scene is empty at the moment). This means Origami is up and running and you may start folding your dielines.

Please contact us if you have issues with connecting Origami and Illustrator.

What’s Next?

Now it’s time to prepare the Adobe Illustrator document that Origami will use. Read the next tutorial for details.

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