Defining the Bottom Side

You can tell Origami which side of your dieline is the bottom:

Let’s make a more complex dieline, like this one:

A somewhat complex dieline

Now load the dieline to Origami. You can see that Origami has identified the left part as the bottom:

That dieline folded up in Origami

Origami looks through its layer trying to find a path named “bottom”. If it finds that path, it makes the center of the path a bottom point of the shape. If it does not find a path with that name, it makes a guess about which side is the bottom.

To specify a different bottom, make a small rectangle named “bottom” and move it to the place you want to make the bottom side:

Defining bottom point

Even if you hide that path, Origami will find it. Now reload the shape in Origami to see that it now understands where you want the bottom to be:

Seeing changes in Origami 3D preview

Simple summary: to make a side the bottom of the shape, simply put a path named “bottom” there.

Bottom Doesn’t Work?

If you defined bottom, but it doesn’t work - do the following:

If the above doesn’t help, please contact us with your Illustrator project, so we can have a look.

Top Marker

Origami also supports “Top” marker that works the same way as the “Bottom” one, but defines the up-looking plane instead. Origami tries the bottom one first, then the top one (if it finds it). In case of conflicting direction, Origami picks the top one as it is processed second.

What’s Next

There’s just one more thing that you need to know before you can start folding your own dielines:

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