Using Dieline Generator

Making dielines is quite a boring and error–prone task and as Origami is here to help, it also has an option to save you some time on common dielines: the dieline generator.

The generator is a separate service that you can use without Origami, but you get a complimentary one year access to it with your Origami license. As long as you keep renewing your Origami license, you can keep using the generator. Unfortunately, it is not available in the demo version of the software.

Let’s see how it works and make our first dieline.

Using the Generator

Start with a new empty scene and click the Plus button at the bottom right of the window to add the shape:

Selecting dieline generator in Origami

Locate the Online generator item there and click it to open the generator window:

Dieline generator window in Origami

At first, you need to select the dieline you want to use. Origami supports most common ECMA and FEFCO dielines, so you will most likely find what you need. Select the dieline and click the Next button to continue.

The next step is about configuring the selected dieline:

Configuring the selected dieline in Origami

You get the parameters panel at the left and the dieline preview at the right. Parameters depend on the dieline you selected, so check them all and make sure the preview looks pretty much like what you need. Then click Generate at the bottom right of the window.

In a few seconds you’ll get a brand new shape in the scene:

New box shape made by the dieline generator in Origami

You’ve got a box dieline properly configured to your dimensions in less than a minute, isn’t it great?

Further Editing of the Box

Now let’s send this box to Illustrator for some customization. As with any other dieline, simply click the Send button at the bottom right and select your Illustrator there:

Sending the box to Illustrator in Origami

Then switch to Illustrator and see the dieline arrived:

The generated dieline in Illustrator

From there you can do whatever you need: add windows, artwork, customize some details and so on. We’ll do just one thing here: we’ll open a box.

Opening the Box

From the crease lines tutorial you know that opening a box is about the folding angle of the lid. Let’s select the lid crease line and see what is the angle there:

Selecting the lid crease line in Illustrator

It is 90°, change it to 45°, go back to Origami, click Refresh and see what happens:

Updated box shape with opened lid in Origami

You can repeat the same steps for flaps and open them as well, if you like.

What’s Next?

Just one last step left, let’s go!

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