Flute Direction

You can configure the cardboard flute direction at the bottom of the scene element panel:

Flute direction option in Origami

There are three types of flute direction supported:

Origami still uses the same flute texture, it just stretches it to simulate the flute side and uses it as is to display the flute itself. You might want to adjust the default flute texture to get the results you need.

Paper Templates

The flute direction option is stored as a part of the paper template, so you can adjust it there and re–use when needed:

Flute direction in paper templates

It is also supported in the dieline generator, so you can pre–configure it there.

Defaults And The Backward Compatibility

Origami uses the horizontal flute direction by default.

As old versions of Origami didn’t simulate the flute, old projects are loaded with the flute direction parameter set to Off. You can change it manually at the bottom of the scene element panel.

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