26 Dec 2019

We deprecate Owlet and Boxshot VR applications. Read on for more details…

What happened?

We’ve just deprecated two of our products: Owlet and Boxshot VR. This means we won’t sell new licenses or renew the existing ones for these products and we will stop their support by the end of 2020.

Why that?

Mostly due to the low demand. Secondly, to have a single product for each task. Consider using Koru instead of Boxshot VR, and Boxshot Ultimate instead of Owlet.

But I have a license?

Your license comes with a year of free updates and support. We will keep providing that, and both products will get necessary updates and all the usual support until your license expires. As we stop the sales now, the last license will expire by 2020.

If you purchased your Owlet license in 2019 – contact us to get a free Boxshot Ultimate license for the same term. If you purchased Owlet before – you can also contact us to discuss the upgrading options.

Can I keep using the apps?

Sure! Your license is permanent, so you can keep using both apps for as long as you need. The software can be downloaded here by providing a license key.

Unfortunately, the free version of Owlet is not available anymore.

Any other deprecations planned?

No, just these two apps. We’ll focus on the rest and make many nice updates next year :)

That’s all for today, have fun and don’t cry. Cheers!