Owlet 1.5

14 Oct 2017

The main thing about this update is the new materials. We tried our best to make them similar to the Koru ones, so one day we can exchange scenes between the apps. Some other improvements have been done, as well.

New Materials

OK, so what happened? Basically we did two things:

  1. We replaced diffuse/fresnel/measured layer types with “diffuse”, “specular” and “emissive” layer options;
  2. We moved light emission control from groups to layers.

The new materials are now pretty much the same as in Koru, except for groups. Owlet offer groups with masks, so you can make more complex materials for your scenes.

What About The Old Materials?

Good question. Owlet automatically converts your old materials to the new format and in most cases you should not have any issues with that.

However, if you have super-complex materials with multiple groups and layers you may need to review them after loading the scene.

Exchange With Koru?

So far you can exchange scenes geometry with Koru using our Collada exporter in both apps. When the new materials will be settled down, we’ll add them to our Collada module and you will be able to move scenes between the apps.

Give us some time for that :)

Faster Preview

The new version offers faster scene preview by dropping out some effects while you rotate the scene with your mouse.

It now runs with good FPS on all our test scenes, so if you have something that is still slow in preview - contact us, so we can test it out.


This update also fixes almost all the issues that you reported and adds some minor features. Here is the list:

  • “Merge meshes” command added;
  • Camera fixed for very large scenes;
  • 3DS loader improved for some incorrect files;
  • Collada loader fixed for scene size and specular color;
  • Scrollbars replaced with thinner ones;
  • Materials library categories drop-down list enlarged;
  • Empty material editor doesn’t crash on drag and drop anymore;
  • Resources collection fixed for duplicate file names;
  • Increased compatibility with old CPU;
  • Better toolbar icons and minor UI improvements.

Owlet is getting more stable and is almost out of beta. If the new materials are fine, we’ll most likely remove the “beta” tag with the next update.