Owlet 1.2

23 May 2016

This release adds directional light sources, faster UI, better Boxshot integration and some other nice features. Read on for more details.

Directional Light Sources

Think about the Sun. Its rays come parallel and it doesn’t really matter where the Sun is located, all that matters is the light direction. That’s the perfect example of the directional light source. You can’t change its starting point, you can only manipulate its direction.

We’ve added directional light sources to better support Boxshot “Easy Light” shadows, but you can create them yourself from the Scene menu.

Automatic Image Reloading

Owlet now monitors the scene image files on disk and reloads the changed ones. This means you can just re-save your image in Photoshop and Owlet will automatically update it in preview. The feature can be disabled in the settings.

User Interface Speed

We received some reports about the not-so-responsive user interface, especially when moving shapes or camera around. This has been addressed and shouldn’t happen anymore, everything should be smooth now.

Other Changes

Here is the short list of other important changes we’ve made:

  • Collada loading improved when it comes to materials;
  • FBX loader takes mesh visibility into account;
  • Gizmo is now updated when transformation is changed via node properties panel;
  • Boxshot snapshots are now loaded as saved cameras;
  • Better support of Boxshot bump in materials;
  • Better import of “Easy Lighting” light and shadows from Boxshot;
  • Rendering progress is displayed in taskbar/dock;
  • Crash on undo/redo of node deletion has been fixed.

These are the main ones, there are more changes under the hood to improve rendering speed and stability.


It would be nice to hear from you in the comments below or using our wishlist if you miss a feature.

Stay tuned for more updates :)