Origami 3.3 beta

23 May 2023

Here comes a new beta version of Origami with a new export format and new dieline verification options.

3D HTML Export

The new export format is 3D HTML. It is not as powerful as we offer in Koru, but is good enough to replace 3D PDF which creates more problems than it solves.

We are yet to fine–tune the exporter and your feedback is very welcome here. Meanwhile 3D PDF becomes deprecated and is no longer recommended for using. Consider using 3D HTML instead.

Dieline Verification

We often get dielines where crease lines are almost vertical or horizontal, but still a bit off. Just a bit, but that bit matters and you end up with “Impossible shape” errors out of nowhere.

New dieline test in Origami

Now Origami detects both almost vertical and almost horizontal crease lines, so you can fix them. It might not be an easy job, but the result is well worth it.

Other Changes

There are some other changes in this update:

  • You can skip automatic reloading of recovery session by holding Shift and Alt keys when Origami starts. You usually don’t need this, but it might help if the recovery session has a problem or takes a while to fold up;
  • Origami scene elements are now named after the source files in Illustrator (when there is a name there);
  • Dielines where crease lines intersect without cuts are now processed in a more predictable way. Origami does not support such intersections, but tries to tolerate them where possible. Adding cuts to that intersections usually sorts everything up;
  • Artwork processing was changed a bit to use more appropriate image formats internally, which should improve the performance and reduce the projects size.

That’s all for now, enjoy the rest of your day :)