Origami 3.3.1

11 Oct 2023

Besides the Illustrator 2024 support, this update adds some other features. Read more if you haven’t tried the beta version yet.

Illustrator 2024 Support

If you can’t find Origami in your recently updated Adobe Illustrator — that’s exactly the update you need.

Just make sure you quit Illustrator when installing or updating Origami as otherwise it might break the plugins and you will need to reinstall the software.

Other Features

Now if you haven’t tried the previous beta version, here is a brief list of the changes. For more details consider checking the beta–version’s blog post:

  • 3D HTML Export added (it is time to stop using 3D PDF);
  • New dieline diagnostic for almost vertical or horizontal crease lines;
  • Scene elements are named after Illustrator files, where possible;
  • Better processing of complex dielines;
  • Faster artwork processing;
  • Some other minor improvements (see the link above).

Have a nice day!