Origami 3.2 beta

17 Mar 2022

This update adds folding engine selection, cardboard flute direction settings and more.

Before We Start

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Folding Engine Selection

Since we released Origami 3.1 one of the most popular support question was “Why my dieline is not folding anymore?”

The short answer is that Origami becomes more strict to dielines and requires all the paths to be snapped to each other. The long answer is at the link below.

However, if you want to get away with a poor dieline you now have a folding engine selection option :)

Read more about folding engines

Cardboard Flute Direction

Another nice new feature of this update is the ability to select the cardboard flute direction.

This is still an experimental option, but you can start using it right now to get more realistic cardboard.

Read more about flute direction option

Other Improvements

Besides that, we fixed some nasty triangulation errors, added invisible markers (see the option in settings) and improved the user interface of paper type presets.

Formal Beta Warning

Note that this is a beta version and although we tested it a lot, it may not work as you expect.

Consider making backup copies of your projects, as the project saved with this version cannot be loaded by the older versions of Origami.