Origami 3.2.1

02 May 2022

After some beta–testing we are happy to announce the first stable release of Origami 3.2 with folding engine selection, cardboard flute options, invisible markers, scene list elements filtering and more.

Folding Engine Improvements

This version comes with the new folding engine ‘V3’ which better processes some tricky dielines and works faster for the complex ones. It is now used by default for the new projects.

Another good update is that you can now select the folding engine to use for a particular scene element. We recommend to always use the latest one, but if you need the old behavior — it is now one click away.

Read more about folding engines

Cardboard Flute Direction

The new version lets you select the cardboard flute direction. You can configure it as a part of paper type preset, select the default one in settings and simply configure it at the properties panel of the dieline.

Read more about flute direction option

Other Improvements

  • Markers can be made invisible (see the option in settings) to not affect the dieline review process;
  • Paper type presets selection is now a little bit more obvious;
  • Scene elements list got a filtering option: just start typing there or press Ctrl/Cmd+F keyboard shortcut to open the filter;
  • Popup menus should look more native in this update.


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