Origami 3.1.3

30 Jul 2021

Origami 3.1 is here and if you haven’t tried the beta versions, there are some really good news below.

Updated Folding Engine

The folding engine has been updated a lot in this version to provide better results and more detailed information about problems. Below is the example of the new dieline error reporting:

New dieline error reporting in Origami

You can now see as many errors as Origami found, not just the first one. Each error is highlighted in the dieline and you get a short description and the link to the more detailed information on the website.

The new engine checks dielines more strictly and you may get issues reported even for the dielines you considered correct. Have a closer look and you will most likely agree with Origami :)

You can read more about this in our dieline verification tutorial.

Dieline Viewer

As you may notice above, Origami got 2D mode where the dieline is shown instead of the 3D model. Besides the error reporting, the dieline viewer lets you configure front/bottom/etc markers and adjust the folding angles of crease lines right in Origami.

Best of all, you can assign names to crease lines and edit the folding angles in the properties panel:

Named crease lines in Origami

More information can be found in the dieline viewer tutorial.

X–Ray Rendering Mode

The new “x–ray” mode lets you see the internal structure of the folded dieline by making walls transparent:

New x-ray rendering mode in Origami

Press the X key to toggle the x–ray mode.

Other Changes

Besides that we significantly improved Illustrator integration for speed, changed markers detection to support multiple names like with layers and added support for large canvases in Illustrator 2021.

Apple Silicon is now natively supported by Origami and if you use the native version of Illustrator for that platform, you need the matching version of Origami, as well.

Many other small changes and improvements were made, so this release is really worth trying. Let us know what you think about the new features or if you have any issues.

Cheers :)