Origami 3.1.1 beta

18 Apr 2021

This update improves dieline editing, verification and rendering, and adds support for Apple Silicon Macs.

Better Dieline Editor

The built–in dieline editor got a UI facelift and now looks more fancy:

Updated UI of the dieline editor in Origami

Besides that, the editor got markers editing feature (yes, you can add and move the “bottom” and other markers right there) and multiple selection for crease lines.

We have also added a “Switch to 3D view” button to the editor, so you can quickly go back to the familiar 3D environment. Note that you can also use the buttons at the left to switch between 2D and 3D views:

Switching between 2D and 3D views in Origami

Better Dieline Verification

This update lifts some checks considered too strict, but adds some new to keep dielines healthy. Please keep reporting any warnings you consider incorrect, so we can adjust the algorithms here.

Another minor change is that Origami now zooms into the problem location when you click its description in the list.

Better Everything Else

There are some other minor improvements here or there, like the level of details for 3D shapes (you can find it in the scene element properties), better support for large artboards, nice selection frame in 3D view, better support of low–end rendering hardware, etc.

Another big thing of this update is Apple Silicon support. There is a separate download link for ARM Macs below, but note that you should use it only with the ARM version of Adobe Illustrator.

That’s all for today, stay tuned :)