Origami 3.0.8

03 Aug 2020

This update fixes large scene preview issues by adding texture resolution limit parameter to settings.

The High Quality Artwork Problem

A typical high quality artwork texture could easily be around 16384x8192 pixels and take about 1Gb of video memory. If you have back side or foil enabled, or have multiple objects in scene — you can easily multiply that by the number of extra images you have. So much artwork could barely fit into your graphics adapter, so various issues are possible.

This update sets a cap on the texture size used in preview (4096 pixels by default). If the texture is larger (either width or height) — it will be scaled down to that value. That’s just for preview, so if you decide to export the model, you’ll get the full–quality artwork.

The limit can be configured in settings, the option is called Maximum preview texture size. You can set it to as much as 16384 if you have a high–end discrete graphics adapter, or reduce it to somewhere around 1024 for integrated graphics.