Origami 3.0.5 beta

07 Mar 2020

Some more fixes before we release the third version officially. Please give it a good try to make sure nothing is missed. Your feedback is welcome, as usual.

Artboards Re–arranging

This update improves processing of large artboards on sending operations. Origami usually puts the backside artboard to the right of the main one, but sometimes it might fail because of Illustrator’s limits. If you zoom an Illustrator document out well enough, you’ll see there is a “canvas” there and you can’t place anything outside of it.

Origami 3 tries to re–arrange artboards if it can’t fit them sidewise. It can move both artboards to the left, or if they don’t fit this way — place them vertically. All the relevant artwork is moved, as well.

This update fixes artboards re–arranging for some complex configurations including large artboards, locked layers, and hidden elements.

Illustrator CS6 Support

There was a couple of issues reported about Illustrator CS6 support on Mac. Although Adobe does not support it anymore, some of our customers still use this version.

We fixed a plugin installation problem and a crash that might happen when you quit Illustrator after using the plugin.

Other Fixes

Besides that, we improved “high quality artwork” settings option behavior, so it also works for new elements received from Illustrator.

Please let us know if you find any issues with this update. Otherwise it has a good chance to become a release version of Origami 3.

Have a nice weekend :)