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Origami 3.0.2 beta

27 Jan 2020

Another beta version of Origami 3 with some new features we’d like to test with you guys. Read on for more details about the update.

Custom Layer Names

One the main features of this update is the two new fields in the scene element properties called Custom front layer and Custom back layer:

Custom layer names in Origami 3

Yes, this means you can assign a specific layer (or two) to a given scene element. This also means you can have multiple scene elements defined in a single Illustrator file. Just place them into different artboards, name their dieline layers unique enough and put those names into the two new fields. Done!

Two notes about the new feature:

Other Changes

There are many other minor improvements in this update. First of all, Illustrator operations became asynchronous, so you don’t have to wait while Origami is updating the artwork, you can keep editing the scene. Origami will display small status badges at the top right corner of the window, showing that there is a task running in background.

This update adds dielines exporting to EPS format, and also import/export to our internal JSON format for 3rd party integration projects.

New export formats in Origami 3

Exported 3D models naming was changed, so there is a lower chance of collision if multiple 3D models are exported into the same folder. The textures are now named after the main 3D model file name.

Besides that there is a couple of small improvements here or there:

Give the new version a try and let us know what you think.