Origami 3.0.1 beta

08 Dec 2019

Here come the fixes… Many thanks for your feedback regarding version 3.0, we carefully listened, fixed problems and added the missing parts. This is the second beta version of Origami 3, let’s give it a good try :)


  • Paper presets are back. You can list presets using the popup menu in the “Paper” section of the scene element, the editor is also there.
  • Side image can be removed by selecting the empty element in the drop–down textures list;
  • Custom side images support is fixed;
  • Lighting of rotated elements is fixed;
  • Scene elements can be selected with a mouse click;
  • Camera zoom speed has been reduced;
  • Dieline error message pops up better;
  • Zoom button has been moved from the camera panel to the bottom left corner of the preview area;
  • App dock icon on Mac shows the list of recently opened projects.

There are also some Illustrator–related changes:

  • Artwork quality option moved to the element properties panel;
  • Improved support of custom Illustrator layer names;
  • Reading dielines doesn’t add undo records.

This covers almost all the missed features and problems you reported. Thank you very much for your time. Give the new version a try and let us know if you still have any issues.

Please keep reporting everything you feel important.