Origami 2.9

24 Mar 2019

This update adds paper thickness direction, improves large dielines handling and more. Look inside for details.

Paper Thickness Direction

By default Origami adds paper thickness towards both front and back sides of paper. This means if you set the paper thickness to 1cm and make a box, half of that centimeter goes inside the box and half - outside.

This version adds an option to the settings window, where you can choose where to add the thickness. The options are: both (as it was before), front and back. For a simple box back is the inside and front is the outside. Origami keeps using “both” value by default, but you can change that if needed.

Note that the online generator assumes you use the “both” option. We’re going to address this in the near future, so it will consider the option you selected.

Large Dieline Creation

We improved the placement of new artboards when the online generator is used. The dieline is created right in the visible working area of Illustrator, which lets you making really large dielines without errors.

Extra bounds checking added to the backside creation code, so it handles “out of canvas” cases better.

Origami Layer Detection

It is now possible to list several names for front and back Origami layers in settings separated with commas. Origami will use all of these names when looking for its layers.

Say you specified “Origami, Dieline, Cutline” as Origami layer in settings. As long as Origami find any of these words in a layer name, it uses that layer. Same for the backside layers.

Saving File Names

Origami remembers the file names you used for scene export and image saving on a per-scene basis.

If you switch between several scenes, Origami stores the file names you used for each scene and uses them when you export a shape or render an image again.

Other Changes

We also improved problem GPU detection on Windows, fixed license renewal link, improved error messages displayed on Mac and fixed some other minor issues.

Option “Use Whole Artboard” has been removed in this version. Now Origami always uses whole artboard for artwork.

That’s all for now, enjoy the rest of your day: )