Origami 2.8

10 Sep 2018

This update adds snapshots, favorite dielines and some other improvements. Read on for more details.

Favorite Dielines

Another feature that many of you asked for, is the ability to pin some of the dielines to the top of the dieline generator list.

The new version features a small “star” symbol at every dieline that you can click to mark the dieline as “favorite” and have it right at the top of the list. Very handy :)


This is a “last minute” feature (thanks Joey) that we fit right before releasing this update. The idea is to take a snapshot of the currently visible scene, so you can return to it later.

Press Ctrl-T or Command-T depending on your operating system, or simply click File->Take Snapshot in the menu to open another tab with the scene you currently see. This tab will not be linked to Illustrator, will not be updated and so on - it simply keeps the scene as you see it right now.

Use this to see the evolution of your design, or to compare different artworks - that’s up to you. You can even render and export snapshots, but note that snapshots have the same artwork quality as preview. This means that if you plan to use them for multiple rendering or export, it might be a good idea to switch Origami preview to higher quality in settings.

Let us know if you find snapshots useful and share your best practices, so we can improve the tool.

Other Fixes and Improvements

We updated the code to better handle the cases when no Origami application is running. We had some reports that Illustrator works slower with Origami extension installed, but Origami is not running. This should be fixed now, let us know if you still have any issues there.

We also eased up rendering and exporting restrictions for scenes with errors. Now even if you have an “Impossible shape” error, you can still render or export the scene at your own risk.

Finally, we added our crash-reporting tool to Origami, so in case of any problems you can send us all the necessary information. Hope you will never need that, though :)