Origami 2.7.1

20 Jun 2018

We’ve fixed some problems discovered since the last update and added more control on buggy graphics drivers on Windows. Read on for more details and update link.

What Has Been Done?

The changes are mostly about the dieline generator window of Origami. Inches are now properly set up as documents units when a new dieline is generated. It worked for all the units, except inches before - now it is fixed. We also improved CSV support in batch dieline generator.

Decimal point rounding has been improved in dieline generator both in manual and batch modes. Origami now displays 4 digits after the decimal point, which is good for inches.

Finally, we ported the OpenGL driver selection from Boxshot, so if Origami doesn’t detect the best GPU driver for your system well, you can always help it in the Settings window. This is a Windows only feature, as OpenGL drivers are more predictable on Mac.