Origami 2.4

19 Apr 2017

This update improves dielines generation, adds some automation and other nice features. Keep your copies updated to get the most of Origami :)

Dieline Generation

According to your feedback, our dieline generator now uses spot colors for cut and crease lines. Lines width and markers style were also updated. Your ideas are essential, so if you miss something in Origami, we’ve got a special page for that.

Another nice addition is batch dielines generation. Just tick the box in our dieline generator, then load a CSV file with dimensions and get as many dielines as you need.

Custom Names Of Origami Items

With this update you can define your own names instead of default “Origami”, “Back”, “Front” and other names. Visit Settings window for more details on that.

Note that this is a global setting affecting all the projects, so once you changed “Origami” to something else, you also need to update your old projects to match the new name.

Editable Paper Types

You asked for better or even editable paper types? Here you are. By default it is filled with standard cardboard types, but you can easily change that and add your own custom types. If you feel that something is missed from the standard list - please contact us here.

Integration with Owlet and Koru

We’ve added some new buttons to the toolbar for exporting to Koru and Owlet and rendering with Owlet. Now you can easily share your model online, or render nice visuals directly from Origami.

Keep in mind that Koru is now free even for commercial usage, so we hope you will enjoy the new opportunities.

That’s all for now, enjoy the rest of your day!