Origami 2.3 - CC 2017 Compatibility Update

03 Nov 2016

Adobe has just released an update to their Illustrator software, so here is the updated Origami.

This update comes without new features, just the support of the latest Illustrator. All the goodies comes later in version 2.4, stay tuned :)

Note To Windows Users

As you may know, there are two versions of Origami: 32 and 64-bits. Before this release, both versions were bundled with plugins for all the Illustrators, both 32 and 64-bits. As the number of supported versions of Illustrator grows, we decided to bundle just the plugins for the target platform. This version is the first one made this way.

What does it mean in human language? Basically make sure you download 32-bit Origami if you run 32-bit Illustrator, and 64-bit Origami if you run 64-bit Illustrator. Simple.

Thanks for your time!