Origami 2.2 - An Unexpected Release

28 Jun 2016

OK, here is the update that adds support for Illustrator 2015.3 and also some other features. We tried our best :)

Illustrator 2015.3

Origami is usually updated for each major Illustrator release to make sure they work fine together. The latest Illustrator update was the major one (version 19 was changed to 20), but for some reasons Adobe decided to keep it “2015” - the hard way, yeah…

Worst of all, this caught us in the middle of the development cycle, so we had to decide if we delay the update or drop some features and release asap. We chose the latter, so here is the new version of Origami with support of the latest Illustrator.

Anything Else?

We dropped everything that was not-so-ready, so just a few new features in this release. All the rest will be added in version 2.3 in the next few months.

First of all, this update lets you control textures quality for both preview and production modes. Check the “Antialiasing” box in the application settings window. This goes directly to Illustrator and tells it how to rasterize your artwork. The older versions of Origami relied on the resolution parameter for that, but now you’re in full control of the process.

Another feature is the Shape Dimensions item in the File menu: it shows the width, height and length of the folded shape (or its bounding box for the complex ones), so you can easily estimate how much space it takes on a shelf or pallet.

And of course we’ve added a nice new tile for Windows 10 Start menu, as in our other recently updated apps. Hope you like them :)