Origami 2.1

08 Feb 2016

This release adds a nice new feature that helps shapes to face a right direction. Sounds promising? Read on :)

So What Is The Feature?

It works the same way as the “bottom” one, you just need to name the path “front” instead. If Origami finds that path it rotates the shape, so the side with the “front” mark faces the default camera. Read more about this in the new tutorial.

It is better to use it with the bottom mark to make sure the generated shape is completely fixed.

Anything Else?

We fixed a bug that breaks camera position after using the manual camera control window. It worked fine until you try to export an image or export to 3D PDF - the old camera position were used instead. This is now fixed and everything should work fine.

We also improved dieline creator a bit and fixed some minor issues.

That’s all for now, more news to come :)