Origami 2.0.1

04 Nov 2015

After a short beta-testing, it seems that everyone is happy about the new features and no issues have been discovered, so please welcome the second version of Origami!

What’s New?

In two words: new extensions installer, new dieline creator and new camera settings window. You can read more in the previous blog post - there are some pictures there, as well.

This update just fixes minor OSX extensions deinstallation problems, discovered while the beta testing.

Uninstalling The Previous Version

The new version of Origami completely replaces the old one, but as the old version used Adobe Extension Manager to handle extensions, it might be a good idea to run Extension Manager and remove Origami extensions before upgrading.

Although Origami replaces the old extensions with the new ones, they will still be listed in Adobe Extension Manager if you don’t remove them first.

Have Something To Say?

You are more than welcome to leave a few words here if you are happy with the update or if you are not.

Thank you :)