Origami 1.4 - backside artwork, finally!

07 Apr 2015

In two words this new version finally allows you to setup both front and back artwork for the shape. It also features some other things, but who cares? :)

Backside artwork

You can read more about this here, but basically Origami now looks for “Origami Backside” layer and “Origami Backside” artboard and uses them for the back side of the shape. There is a special item in the Illustrator menu that automatically updates them according to the main dieline, so everything should be easy.

Your feedback about the new feature is more than appreciated. Everything has been designed to be as smooth as possible, so please share any issue with us.

Sample layouts

We’re one step closer to the in-application layout generation. Check out the Illustrator -> Create layout menu. You will find some sample dielines there that can be sent to Illustrator and returned back as 3D shapes. We’d like you to try this and let us know if something goes wrong. This will become a much more powerful thing soon.

High-res artwork

The Use high-resolution artwork option has been removed from the Illustrator menu. Origami works in low-resolution mode while in preview, but when it comes to saving/copying images or exporting 3d shapes, Origami requests a high-res version of the artwork from Illustrator. This might take some time, but you always get the best possible texture.

Another option - Use whole artboard doesn’t make much sense since adding the backside artwork option, but we’re going to keep it for some time. Let us know if you can’t live without it.


PS: Some space is left for your feedback below :)