Origami 0.9 and some good news

28 Jul 2013

We’ve just released Origami 0.9 which supports Illustrator CC and improves Illustrator CS6 support. Upgrade is highly recommended even if you have no issues with the current version. Also some news about Boxshot at the end :)

Origami 0.9

Starting from this release Origami supports both CS6 and CC, so if you can’t use Origami because of that - now it’s the right time to give it a try. This release also fixes several recently reported layout issues.

Please visit our new download page for Origami. It contains all the versions of the plugin grouped by Illustrator versions. Just click the right one ;)

The plan is to release one more update within a week or two to improve the folding even more. Watch this space!

Boxshot news

There is a perfect picture that may surprise your image viewer. Here it is:

It will be most likely displayed well in your browser, but if you save it and try to open in a viewer, you may be surprised. Here’s how it looks like in my IrfanView:

Here are some other applications, like Paint.Net:

Box Shot 3D (shame on me)

and even Boxshot 4 (shame on me again)

However, some viewers and advanced editors like Photoshop show this image right. Why? Because of color profiles. Both Box Shot 3D and Boxshot 4 don’t support color profiles, so you see wrong colors in CMYK files and in this one, as well.

Color profiles support in Boxshot?

Yep! Here’s the same image rendered in the upcoming Boxshot 4.1:

Instead of making just a few small fixes and release the very first non-beta version, we’ve done a stupid thing: we completely replaced image reading code in Boxshot 4 with ICC-aware one. More, we significantly improved PSD-reading code, so now all your 16-bit CMYK-files with transparency will be rendered using natural colors.

Isn’t it cool? It is.


Soon. Definitely in August.

Have a nice day!

PS: Give Origami a try :)