Origami 0.9.8

09 Dec 2013

This new release fixes some minor issues that have been found during testing. Upgrade is highly recommended.

What has been done

We received several reports about hanging while folding shapes. Now fixed. Please contact us when you experience any issues with Origami. This helps to make the product better.

The new release improves Illustrator scene parsing, now Origami ignores paths belonging to a hidden group.

Finally, the folding engine has been improved to support cuts like that:

Please check your layouts that didn’t fold in the old version of Origami and let us know if something still doesn’t work. We’re going to release a first non-beta version soon, so your help is much appreciated!

How to upgrade

Simply download the new version for your system and overwrite the old one with it. Do not forget to close Illustrator before upgrading.

Have a nice day :)