Origami 0.9.5

29 Sep 2013

We have just released an update to Origami featuring some folding improvements and export to new 3D formats.

Export to 3D PDF

Export to 3D is now enabled in the demo, so you can give it a try if you missed this before. 3D PDF, U3D and internal Boxshot formats are supported, more will be added soon.


Here you can download the sample PDF file to try it yourself (Acrobat Viewer is required).

Updating your Mac installation

Simply download an appropriate DMG file here and drag-n-drop the new version to Illustrator plugins folder, then restart Illustrator.

Updating your Windows installation

Previous versions of Origami came as single files. Starting from this release, Origami comes as a folder. You need to delete the old version first by removing “boxshot-origami.aip” file and then simply copy the whole Origami folder to the same plugins directory.

What Next

We’re looking forward to release Origami 1.0 with improved folding engine and move it out of beta quite soon. Stay tuned and watch this space — more news to come!

Thank you!