Origami 0.11

16 Apr 2014

This update brings some nice features that you requested. Enjoy the new stuff :)

Stay On Top

As requested, Origami now has a “stay on top” feature, so you can keep it around while working in Illustrator. The feature is in the View menu.

Zoom To Error

Another nice addition, allowing you to cycle between the error points, zooming to each of them. Quite useful when the dieline is large and it is not easy to point the camera directly onto the error place for analysis. There option itself is in the “View” menu, but you can simply press the “E” key instead.

Reloading Speedup

It takes a while to fold a complex dieline, so Origami now checks if any changes were made before folding. If the only thing you changed is artwork, reloading will work much faster.


There was an issue with “Whole artboard” and “High resolution artwork” options. Now fixed.

That’s all

Your feedback is welcome, as always!