Koru Cloud Changes

24 May 2022

We make changes to Koru Cloud starting from June 2022. Read below if you use the service as the changes may affect your scenes.

The changes are:

  • Not for hosting — you should not use Koru Cloud for hosting 3D models for your website or create significant traffic in any other way;
  • Not forever — any scene you uploaded to Koru Cloud will be eventually deleted, even if your Koru license is kept up to date.

Not For Hosting

Koru Cloud used to let you embed the scenes to show them on your website with just a single HTML line. That was convenient, but unfortunately it started to create a significant load to our servers.

Starting from June 2022 you cannot make new Koru Cloud scenes public, display them on your website or somehow else direct your visitors to our servers.

Koru Cloud effectively becomes a “personal” service for show–casing scenes and discussing them in small groups.

It is still OK to use Koru Cloud for business, providing that it is used internally for discussing scenes with colleagues and customers.

We can delete the scene if it creates significant traffic to our servers without any prior notice.

Not Forever

Any scene uploaded with the Free or Commercial version of Koru will be stored for one month.

Migration Deadline

The above applies to the new scenes uploaded in June 2022 or later.

All the older scenes (uploaded before June 2022) can still be used for hosting, but will be set for removal in June 2023. This gives you a year to migrate the scenes to your own website.

How to Migrate?

We made the process as simple as possible. You will notice the new “Download Scene” button in the Koru Cloud admin interface, as well as the list of the scenes you uploaded.

You can download all the scenes and host them yourself with the minimal changes to your website.

Read more about Downloading Koru Cloud scenes

Need a Hand?

Contact us if you need help with the migration.