Koru 2.1 beta

01 Feb 2024

Here come some new features for Koru. Have a look, especially if you use the command line mode.

The update fixes a couple of problems you reported:

  • Generating lightmaps may increase the output HTML size a lot;
  • Scene background settings are disabled in new scenes;
  • Problems with loading images using drag and drop;
  • Undo/redo related problems with textures user interface;
  • Some other minor improvements were also made.

New Command Line Option

It is now possible to replace the base scene when converting and exporting scenes:

koru.exe --base-scene=new_base_scene.koruScene --export source.koruScene output.koruDat

This way, by using the --base-scene parameter you can override the default scene being used for export to add a different environment.

This also works for --convert parameter:

koru.exe --base-scene=new_base_scene.koruScene --convert source.dae output.koruScene

The code above loads the new base scene, then imports the Collada file there and exports the result to the Koru Scene file.

That’s all for today :)