Koru 2.1 beta

01 Feb 2024

Here come some new features for Koru. Have a look, especially if you use the command line mode.

The update fixes a couple of problems you reported:

  • Generating lightmaps may increase the output HTML size a lot;
  • Scene background settings are disabled in new scenes;
  • Problems with loading images using drag and drop;
  • Undo/redo related problems with textures user interface;
  • Some other minor improvements were also made.

New Command Line Option

It is now possible to replace the base scene when converting and exporting scenes:

koru.exe --base-scene=new_base_scene.koruScene --export source.koruScene output.koruDat

This way, by using the --base-scene parameter you can override the default scene being used for export to add a different environment.

This also works for --convert parameter:

koru.exe --base-scene=new_base_scene.koruScene --convert source.dae output.koruScene

The code above loads the new base scene, then imports the Collada file there and exports the result to the Koru Scene file.

Downloading the Update

As usual, use the links below to download the latest beta version of Koru:

That’s all for today :)