Koru 2.1.1

30 Mar 2024

Here goes a public release of Koru 2.1. Read on for more details…

Licensing Changes

Historically, the balance between the free and commercial users of Koru was heavily shifted towards the former ones. This created quite a load on the support and servers providing nothing in return. We tried our best to support free users for many years, but it eventually came to the point where we had to either make a change or discontinue the product.

So starting today we no longer offer the free version of Koru. Consider purchasing a license if you want to export watermark–free scenes and/or use Koru in commercial projects.

On the other hand, the pricing is adjusted to make the license much more affordable.

Thank you for your understanding.

Software Changes

If you haven’t tried the latest beta version, you will notice better lightmap management and improved user interface.

Have a look at the beta announcement for more details and some extra information about the changes.

Getting the Update

As usual, use the links below to download the latest beta version of Koru:

Enjoy the weekend!