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Koru 2.0 beta

23 Dec 2021

OK, here is a toy to play on holidays: the very first beta version of Koru 2 with some nice new features. Read on for more information…

New Features

Here is a brief list of the new features added in version 2:

User Interface

Koru 2 uses the same user interface as our other applications. You will find materials, textures, environment maps and the scene tree on the left and all the context, camera and scene–related information on the right.

Koru 2 User Interface Example

This is a slightly different approach compared to Boxshot and we test which one works better. Consider letting us know what you think about it.

Apple Silicon Support

As our other applications Koru got a native Apple Silicon support. Simply pick the right version using the links below to get the most of your shiny new Mac :)

Getting the Update

Note that this is a beta version and it may have minor glitches here and there, so try it at your own risk. Here are the links you can use to download the software:

That’s most likely all for now, enjoy your holidays and have a happy new year!