Koru 2.0.2 beta

04 Apr 2022

Another beta version of Koru with bugfixes and minor features added. We’re getting closer to the public release, so please give the new version a good try and let us know if you have any problems.

Before We Start

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Responsive Viewport

This update offers a responsive preview option in the export settings window.

You can adjust the scene zoom that happens when the preview is resized. The default behavior is now the same as in Koru and the scene is now zoomed to fit preview.

You can revert the old behavior (zoom based on preview height) using the new option in the export window.

List of Fixes

  • Cloud uploading progress and cancellation improved;
  • Scene tree fixed to better display long object names and materials;
  • Floor shadows in snapshots improved;
  • Snapshots renaming is now more obvious with the new context menu;
  • Startup snapshot option fixed;
  • Dragging textures improved to copy all the texture parameters;
  • Materials panel fixed to better display the options of selected layer.

Please let us know if you have any issues with the update.