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Koru 1.6

08 Apr 2019

This version adds 2D image nodes or watermarks, improves low-end hardware support and adds many nice new features. Keep reading to know more.

2D Image Nodes (Watermarks)

Instead of having a single watermark defined in scene properties, we decided to make watermarks the first-class citizens and let you add as many overlaying images, as needed.

Now if you drop an image into the scene, you’ll see Create Watermark in the pop-up menu. Click it to add image as a flat overlaying object. Your old watermarks (if any) will be converted to the new ones automatically.

Read more about watermarks here.

Other Improvements

There are many other improvements in this version:

There are two changes that may affect your workflow:

New Tutorials

Koru is quite a powerful software, but sometimes it is not obvious how to do this or that. We have Tutorials page for that. We recently added some new tutorials there that you may find helpful:

Most of the new tutorials are based on your questions, so you are more than welcome to keep asking :)