Koru 1.4.1

12 Apr 2018

Thanks for your reports, we’ve fixed a couple of minor issues that has been missed during the testing of Koru 1.4. Details are inside, update your copies and let us know if you find any other problems.

Need More Details?

Sure, here is the list of what has been done:

  • Fixed smooth animation switching when two snapshots are played one after another;
  • Fixed error while saving imported scene using File->Save menu item;
  • Fixed scene tab tooltips for better file name updating when scenes are re-saved;
  • Fixed statistics rounding in Facebook export wizard;
  • Templates and JavaScript snippets updated for minor issues recently discovered;
  • Command line export fixed.

Let us know if you still have any issues with this update. We’re getting closer to removing the beta tag and your feedback is much appreciated.