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Koru 1.1

05 Apr 2017

This update adds a great number of new features and also comes at new license terms. Keep reading for more details…

First Of All

Thanks for the very positive feedback we received after the first release. To make it even more positive this time, we decided to make quite unusual step for us, we decided to make Koru free. Yep, that’s it. Koru is now free even for commercial projects! WebGL is the future of online 3D graphics and we want to be a part of it. Making Koru free helps us spread the word and helps you use the power of online 3D graphics at no expense.

In return we place a small “Koru” logotype in the corner. If you don’t want that, there is a commecial license available that hides the logo. More details are here.

Export Templates

The next big thing is export templates. This update comes with 6 export templates varying from a simple fullscreen model to a complex scene tree widget that lets you manipulate scene nodes. With the help of Koru JavaScript API you can make quite a complex website integrations and templates is a good example of such integration.

Best of all, you can create your own templates and put them next to the our ones. Copy one of the default templates and add anything from your branding to complex JavaScript logic - that is up to you. All the details are here.

JavaScript API

Another great improvement is the new JavaScript scene API. You can control nodes, camera and snapshots using JavaScript. This lets you make complex integrations, custom export templates and even interactive scenes. For instance, you can make a clock model with moving hands using the new API.

Read more about the API here.

Other Improvements

As you see, the list is quite long. Hope we provided enough reasons to update your copy or give Koru a try :)

That’s All

Yep, that is all. Stay tuned for more updates, they are coming.