Say "Hi" to Origami

29 Apr 2013

Besides Boxshot our team works on one more application that may ease up some lives. Have you mentioned the new page on the site? :)

Introducing Origami

Origami is a plugin for Illustrator CS6 that folds up your flat and boring die-cut layouts. Featuring the dead-simple user interface, Origami helps you to see the folded shape while you’re working on it, so you can see and fix possible mistakes immediately or send 3D previews to your customer for approval.

Sounds cool, so when?

That’s a very good question. Origami is currently under heavy testing and polishing and the plan is to release a beta version within a month. So stay tuned, watch this space and subscribe the mailing list if you haven’t done this yet.

Possible answers

  • Yes, it runs both on Mac and Windows.
  • No, it doesn’t support CS5 or older versions.
  • Yes, it will support them later.
  • 2D export: JPEG and PNG.
  • 3D export: Boxshot internal format and something common like OBJ.

Any other questions are welcome in comments.

What about Boxshot?

We’re working on it, as well, and going to release some cool stuff by June.

Cheers :)