Free Stuff - Devices

22 Oct 2013

More free shapes today! This time some of the most frequently asked devices.

This is the third giveaway of Boxshot shapes, here are the previous two: advertising signs and clothes. Please note that you need the Ultimate edition to use this. You can upgrade by just paying the difference if you like, simply contact us.

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 - Boxshot features some iPhones by default, so you asked for Android devices, as well. Here you are: meet the Samsung Galaxy device;
  • iPad Mini - one more missing shape. Comes in black, but can be easily configured to white color;
  • Macbook Pro - a notebook shape is the one of the most frequently asked, so here you are. Macbook Pro with Retina - just put your graphics to the screen :)
  • Nexus 7 - one more Android device, now a tablet. Exactly as with other devices, you can easily change the screen content and body color;
  • Nokia Lumia 928 - I am a little bit skeptical about this one, to be honest. But anyway - Windows Phone at its best with easily adjustable colors;
  • Windows Surface - and the last one for today. Drag the mouse to see it all around! Both screen image and keyboard color are easily configured, so you can render exactly what you need.

You can use these shapes in your projects, render them, sell the renderings and so on. You can’t re-sell the shapes or offer them for free at any other site or marketplace.

All the trademarks above are the property of their respective owners.

How to get the shapes

Visit our Boxshop here.


PS: Just in case if you want interactive 3D objects on your site - have a look at Boxshot VR.