Ready, Steady, Go!

20 Nov 2012

- Why do you call it "beta"?
- Because it's beta than nothing

So here we are. A brand new site on a new domain with the new version of Boxshot ready for downloading, testing and even buying. You are very welcome to give it a try!


As you may have already seen, there are three editions of Boxshot. The idea is to split the features and provide an appropriate user experience (and a price tag) to each group of customers. Home edition is good when you simply need to render some books or boxes, Professional edition has a reacher set of shapes, supports higher resolutions and scripting, exports 3d objects. Finally the Ultimate edition has a killer set of features to satisfy the most demanding customers.


Right, we’ve got new tags. The last time I changed Box Shot 3D price was May 2011, so now it’s a good time to do it again. We’ve grown from a one-man-shop to a small software company, so the bills we have to pay are now higher. However, in return we deliver a completely new 3d mockup experience, rendering quality and features. So the new price looks fair, especially with some good news.

Good news #1

The new prices don’t affect the Home edition of Boxshot. The price is still the same, even a bit lower. So you don’t need to spend a fortune to occasionally render just a few shapes.

Good news #2

As Boxshot is still in Beta, we provide a significant discount for higher editions. This encourages you to hurry up with purchasing, and also encourages us to move the product out of the beta as soon as possible. Looks like a mutually benefitial process :)

Good news #3 (for Box Shot 3D owners)

If you spent money on Box Shot 3D since June 1st 2012, try to put your e-mail to the coupon field and click “Apply”. You’ll see a good discount. Probably even a very good discount (yet the processing fees still apply). Just give it a try.

It is actually a good idea to try your e-mail even if you haven’t purchased Box Shot 3D recently. There are some surpises there :)

Bad news

Upgrade policy for Boxshot is not the same as for Box Shot 3D. When you buy a Boxshot license, you get one year of free updates. Then you may either stay with the last version, or purchase a subscription renewal to continue receive updates. This helps us to support and improve the software.

However, comparing to cloud-based subscription services you don’t have to pay in order to continue using what you already have. The license you purchased is yours forever, just stay with the version you purchased.

No more bad news below.

The future plans

  1. Recover a breath
  2. Port the rest of Box Shot 3D shapes
  3. Remove the beta tag
  4. Start adding new shapes and features :)

The future of Box Shot 3D

Once Boxshot 4 goes out of beta, we’ll stop selling Box Shot 3D. It will still be supported, we’ll be sending forgotten serial numbers etc, but no new licenses. So if you miss something in Boxshot, please let us know as soon as possible. The best way is to submit an idea on the support portal.


Thank you!