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Drink Cartons Shapes

12 Jan 2016

OK, so here’s a long-awaited addition to our shapes shop: drink cartons! Read on for more details…

What are the shapes?

It’s better once to see, right? Here you are:

The set comes with:

Big cartons come with optional lids or caps, while the small ones come with optional straw holes, so the full set has 17 shapes in total. Each shape has a default texture that can be used as a layout template for your own artwork.

Can I render them in Owlet?

Not yet, we’re going to teach Owlet to understand Boxshot shapes with the next update, so you can render even more perfect scenes.

Where to get the set?

The set itself, plus more details and images can be found in our “Box-Shop” here.

That’s all for now, more news to come soon. Stay tuned :)