Conical Label 1.3 beta

23 Nov 2019

This update of Conical Label plugin adds the support of Adobe Illustrator 2020. As the update comes with some other changes, it is marked a “beta”, so please give it a good try first.

Why so long?

Conical Label plugin used to be distributed as a ZIP file with the plugins you manually copy to Illustrator. Unfortunately, starting with MacOS Catalina, such manually copied plugins are not trusted by the operating system anymore, and there is no easy way to mark them as “trusted”. There are workarounds, of course, but they are not convenient. You can read more about this here.

Because of that, we decided to add a handy installer that does all the dirty job for you. It automatically detects all the Illustrators you have, and you simply need to click the ones you want to use with the plugin. We also unified the user interface with Boxshot, so the apps feel similar.

Of course, this took time. Sorry about that. Now as the update is here, please give it a good test and let us know if it works for you. We plan to remove the “beta” tag by the end of the month and your feedback would be much appreciated.


Make sure you uninstalled the old version of the plugin first, so they don’t conflict with each other.

Download the plugin from our website, then run the installer (on Windows) or drag it into the Applications folder (on Mac). Then run the installed application and point the Illustrators you want to use the plugin in. The installer will do the rest and you will be able to use the plugin from Illustrator as before.

To uninstall the plugin, run the Conical Label application again and remove the check marks from the Illustrators you don’t need.

Important Information

Note, that the Conical Label application that you installed (on Windows) or copied (on Mac) contains all the plugins inside and just adds links to the Illustrators you selected. This means you need to keep the application installed in order for the plugins to work.

This way we keep everything in one place and don’t put random files somewhere in the system, but it comes at a price of having an app installed. Hope it is not a big deal, though.


We’d really like to hear from you, particularly regarding your installer experience. We’re going to use the same approach in Origami and if it doesn’t work for you — we’d better to know it now.

What about Origami?

It is on its way and we hope to release the update in November.

Have a nice weekend!