Conical Label 1.1

14 Sep 2018

The main request since version 1.0 was about the overlapping labels, so we did that. But there is more new stuff inside, let’s have a look :)

Overlapping Labels

The plugin does not limit you anymore with one full wrap around the cone. Now you can use a wider label that overlaps itself. The plugin shows if the label is overlapping or not, and also provides the circumference of the cone for your convenience.

Fit Label Width Option

You usually design a label with a specific diameter in mind. Old version of the plugin used middle cone diameter, which wasn’t convenient enough, so the new version lets you choose if you want to use top, middle or bottom cone diameters to fit the label.

This means that you can measure the cone at the top, middle or bottom, then design the label according to that measurement and simply select a proper option in the plugin to get the proper result.

Other Improvements

Here is the list of other features and fixes of this release:

  • Envelope mesh generation has been improved for highly distorted labels;
  • The plugin checks if the artwork has linked images and displays a warning as Illustrator doesn’t support envelopes for them;
  • User interface made more compact to better match the Illustrator UI;
  • Extra diagnostics and error checking added to get more information in case of any issues;
  • Fixed crash, affecting some Windows users.

Give the new version a try and let us know what do you think in the comments below.

How To Upgrade?

As usual, download the latest version from our website.

Make sure you quit Illustrator first, then on Mac you can simply replace the “aip” bundle with the new one, on Windows you need to remove the old “Conical Label” folder first, then copy a new one there, so the files from the old and new versions do not mix up. Read more about installation and upgrade of the plugin.