Conical Label 1.0

05 May 2018

Meet the new piece of the puzzle: an Illustrator plugin that helps making conical labels. It is a very beta and your feedback would really help. Read more for details.

What Is This?

The plugin does just one thing: it takes your artwork and computes a perfect envelope mesh distortion, so the result fits a conical surface of the dimensions you provided.

As the plugin uses the built-in envelope tools of Illustrator, it doesn’t add anything plugin-specific to the document. This means, you don’t need the plugin once the job is done. This also means you can still edit the artwork and get it distorted automatically by Illustrator.

System Requirements?

The plugin needs Adobe Illustrator CS6 or newer and runs on both Mac OS X and Windows. Note that only 64-bit version of Windows is supported.

We’re going to drop the support of 32-bit Windows and Windows XP and Vista in the near future for all the products, so if you still use the outdated OS - consider upgrading it soon.

Ready To Try?

You can download the plugin here.