Boxshot 4.0.20 - Collada And More

27 Dec 2012

Our end-of-the-world issue was discovered just before the release, when the Mac version suddenly stopped reading Collada files (ops, a spoiler :). It took a few days, now everything is fixed and ready to downloading. And there’s some more :)


Boxshot 4 now reads DAE files in addition to FBX and 3DS. The reader works even better (and faster) than in Box Shot 3D, so you will be happy with it. However, as Collada is quite complex format, please feel free to send us samples that don’t work for you.

Box Shot 3D

This is the most upvoted feature in the list, so here it is. Box Shot 3D doesn’t use strict measurement system for shapes, so it is sometimes not easy to import scenes 1:1, but we’ve done a lot. You may probably need to do some manual adjustments after importing, as some shapes now have different size or proportions, but our test of about 70 scenes shows acceptable results.

Again, if you have a scene that is loading completely wrong, please send it to us.

Other Features

A good new feature that has never been implemented in Box Shot 3D is automatic image reloading. Say you edit graphics in Photoshop and save it there. Boxshot will detect this and reload it automatically. Sounds cool, but as the feature is new there is also manual “Reload images” command in the “Tools” menu.

Some minor issues were also fixed for book spreads, scene background tint, external shapes and 3d exporting. The Windows version got image and image stacks shapes back. Seems enough for a new release :)

Next Steps

There are two major shape types from Box Shot 3D that are still missing: binders and paper bags. We’re working on them at the moment. There are also some minor issues to be fixed and some multiprocessor rendering optimizations to be done.

I expect Boxshot 4 to be out of beta in the next two months. And then we’ll start adding new features, can’t wait this myself :)



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