Boxshot VR 1.1 and Origami

26 Jun 2013

Two releases in one day and, best of all, one of them is Origami! The other is Boxshot VR with some improvements you requested.


This little plugin gained a lot of interest according to your feedback. While still being a beta, it has been heavily tested and shown itself stable enough for a public release. You are very welcome to give it a try here.

It would be much appreciated if you report any issues or errors you find. You can purchase a license here if you find Origami good enough for your daily work. It took us half a year to make the product, now it is your turn :)

Here are some tutorials that help you to understand the basics and start doing cool things almost immediately.

Boxshot VR

This release improves image sequence analyzis for the cases when numbers start from a non-zero values. There were some reports about this, now fixed. There are also some improvements in file handling on OS X.

Upgrade is highly recommended, just download the latest version here and install it on top of the current one.

What about Boxshot?

We are working on version 4.1 that will be the first non-beta version of Boxshot 4. Should be ready on July, so keep an eye on this blog or leave your e-mail on the site to receive news to your mailbox.

That’s all for now, have a nice day!

UPDATE Boxshot VR has been updated to 1.1.1 to fix a small OSX-related issue, please update your installations.