Boxshot VR 1.4

15 May 2015

This update brings some new (and old) features, which you may find useful: matrix resize, output resolution, auto-play and more. Read on for details.

Matrix dimension

Boxshot VR allows you to change the number of rows and columns in your sequence, just do the right click on the first screen:

This is useful when your sequence has file names like 001.png, 002.png etc, but actually contains several rows of images. Boxshot VR loads such sequence as a single row, but now with the right-click menu you can easily re-shape the sequence the way you need.

Output options

The “Export settings” screen got some new parameters:

Most of them speak for themselves, but one is worth explaining. By default Boxshot VR makes HTML objects of the fixed size: either the image size, or the one you set at the “Resize images” field. However, sometimes it is necessary for the HTML object to follow its container’s size instead (on mobile sites, for instance). The “Responsive” box does exactly that. Check it to force the exported object to follow its parent’s size.