Boxshot VR 1.3

19 Dec 2014

We’ve just released Boxshot VR version 1.3. This nice simple app got even nicer and still as simple as before :) Read on for more details.

What’s new?

First of all, we did a good job by re-arranging every single item of the user interface to make sure the application looks well on both Windows and Mac OS X. Everthing should be aligned well and look perfect.

We also added the ability to specify an image file name prefix, so you can put several image sequences into the single folder. This is quite helpful when you use Adobe Muse or a similar site builder where all the asses have to live in the same folder.

The other small improvements we’ve made include image file names sanitizing, better OS X Yosemite support and adding the updates checking feature.

Have a nice day!